Many of Dr Tan’s patients have been referred by other doctors for an opinion about an operation. Dr Tan will conduct a careful clinical assessment of the problem at hand before making any recommendation about surgery. This is a process that involves making sure that all necessary investigations or tests have been performed, that the symptoms are consistent with the abnormalities found on the tests or investigations, discussing what the social circumstances and expectations of each patient are and considering what other effective treatment alternatives are available. In addition, Dr Tan takes into account any relevant consensus of opinion within the neurosurgical community. Often, there will be no medical evidence to indicate that surgery is superior to non-surgical management.

Dr Tan recognizes that most patients want as much information as they can get before they make a decision about surgery. She will discuss the nature, benefits, risks and limitations of any surgical options that are recommended. In addition, you will be provided with a quotation for Dr Tan’s surgical fees and can discuss other associated costs such as hospital, anaesthetic and surgical assistant fees, in-patient pathology and radiology charges. It is rare that your surgery will need to be done urgently, so there will usually be time for you to ensure that all of your questions about the surgery have been answered to your satisfaction. In keeping with common practice, once you have decided to go ahead with surgery, you will be required to pay the estimated out-of-pocket costs up-front before the surgery is arranged. Alternatively, if your surgery is related to a current WorkCover claim, it will be necessary to obtain written acceptance of liability from the WorkCover insurance company before arrangements can be made about your surgery, which takes a minimum of two weeks. If you have any medical problems that may influence your recovery from surgery, Dr. Tan will organize for you to see a physician both before and while you are in hospital, to try to ensure that you have the best post-operative course possible.

Dr Tan has treated a number of overseas patients from around the world. Any overseas patients who are interested in coming to Australia for neurosurgical treatment are welcome to make enquiries about costs. She will also take the time necessary to help overseas patients with all other aspects of medical treatment in Australia.

Neurosurgery is such a specialized area of surgery that in almost all cases your surgery can only take place in a limited number of hospitals. This is because there is a certain level of equipment and hospital facilities necessary to perform the surgery and ensure adequate post-operative care. Dr Tan has chosen to do all her surgery at Melbourne Private Hospital. The standard of equipment, facilities and nursing at Melbourne Private Hospital is excellent and among the best in Melbourne. For those country Victorian patients who have ambulance membership, an ambulance can be arranged to take you home from hospital. However patients from Portland and surrounding areas should note that if they do go home by ambulance, if will probably be by air ambulance and should pack light as only small suitcases are allowed onboard the plane!